Willy Wonka Slot Machine Bonus — Chocolate River — Big Win!

Willy Wonka Slot Machine Bonus — Chocolate River — Big Win!



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  1. love your commentary

  2. ZING!

  3. This is max bet, what the fuck more do you want???

  4. Where's it located?

  5. Your Big Wins used to be so much bigger… What's with these low baller amounts bro. I thought you rolled high 🙁

  6. Oompa Loompa Bitch!!!!

  7. Super Pilot !!!!

  8. SDGuy…Chocolate River…

    Too easy.

  9. lol at your reflection at 2:08 " Bitch"

  10. I know it huh? Woulda coulda shoulda. I think to your point though, people underestimate the potential on this one.

  11. Ha!

  12. imagine if he got the "wider" then 3 diamonds x 4 = $640 right there

  13. SD can sail up my chocolate tunnel any time he wishes

  14. really, the only game worth a lick on this one is the oompa loompa spin.

  15. Someone's all jealous lol, all hurt!!! ¥¥¥¥¥¥

  16. THIS so much. Did he touch something on the first ride or the first touch of the 2nd ride to make everything turn into diamonds? That said, a good win — but so much left on the floor. There were extra rides, 'widers' which you have to have to get 3 diamonds. So many of the time, the damn boat went exactly where you didn't want it to go. Still a good win.

  17. SDGuy, me thinks you have a new stalker. 🙂 That means me, the old stalker, can retire. HA!

  18. Seemed to take a bit of time to load…and never seen so many diamonds on that second ride. Very strange. Nice win though!

  19. Get it gurl!! Fuck yeah!!

  20. Hit that shit , fuck yeah!!!

  21. First comment !! Fuck yeah bitches !!

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