Win Big — Gledden Loy & Bussey

Win Big — Gledden Loy & Bussey

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  1. Senna Mônaco 1987

  2. Started from stength wars. Then after googling lyrics turned up nothing, I turned on my laptop, recorded the intro, played it back to soundhound on my phone. Nothing. Then googled again. Found myself on blowoutforums where a guy whose username is paul06901 was asking the same question, where is this song? Thankfully the Gods have shinedown some mercy and sent us FINS4LIFE who announced the song as "Win Big". After googling win big, it brought me to "young dolph", a side of music i never want to hear again. I then proceeded to click the next song in line, and voila! The journey had ended in success. Thanks Gonzo!

  3. kf* brought me here but never been there

  4. Merci à l'excellente publicité de Burger King France qui m'a fait découvrir ce titre !

  5. A video on Buzz Feed had this song and I loved the sound of it so I was looking everywhere for it thank you!

  6. Senna's First Win In Monaco Brought Me Here

  7. really great song, reminds me of Kiss … a little bit 😉

  8. Burger king

  9. Sanduba Insano me trouxe aqui… Perrone mito

  10. Seba Kot, (The Faceless) brought me here.Epic battle!

  11. Tim Budesheim
    pro bodybuilder

  12. we will see who can fight more …

  13. Who's ready for Ninja Tyler vs The Faceless?!?!?!!!

  14. Ayrton Senna

  15. Finally…after spending a lot of time in searching for the song I finally got here. Nothing was able to tell me the song name

  16. ayrton senna the king of f1 forever!!!

  17. Ayrton Senna brought me here

  18. Ayrton Senna brought me here

  19. Senna Senna Senna!

  20. how can i download this song?

  21. Strength war!! The best song ever!

  22. Strength wars brought me here.

  23. Like if you're here because of Comfyballs and team Ulsrud 😉

  24. Why can't I find this song anywhere else?

  25. I'm in Canada and having a heck of a time finding somewhere I can buy the track. Can anyone help?

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