Win Big

Win Big

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Win Big · Berner · Young Dolph · Ampichino

Tracking Numbers

℗ 2017 Bern One Entertainment

Released on: 2017-08-24

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  1. Stay the night-Isley brothers

  2. Got One Life to Live zero f** to give

  3. Berny got bars son wtf is wrong with yall

  4. No disrespect to Dolph EEEYYYYYY! but idk if you did this for the bread or this your man's, he should stick to beats and trappin cus rappin ain't for him… I get it, he tryna diversify his income or what ever but his lyrics are wack…i only listened to this whole tape for Dolph verse(and like always you killed it) but just cus you got money doesn't mean your ment to do everything! Stick to what your good at again no disrespect, constructive criticism! Take how you want! "you don't like to talk" is all I'm sayin

  5. zero fucks to give

  6. What sample is this?

  7. This smooth right here

  8. Best song on the album

  9. This album blows & when the fuck did Berner come back to rapping he was better off smoking blunts with B-Real in his channel


  11. This is a hit

  12. what a collab.. everyone can't relate

  13. got one life to live,zero fuks to give-young dolph

  14. Muh nigga.amp..keep pushin…

  15. Aye amp from the AK

  16. i love how this album has all hitter fts. then berner ends it with amp, way to look out for people you came up with. BAYAREAAAA

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