Wizard of Oz Slot Machine-BIG WIN — Flying Monkey Bonus

Wizard of Oz Slot Machine-BIG WIN — Flying Monkey Bonus

[ad_1] Wizard of Oz Slot Machine Bonus-BIG WIN at Venetian. Two Flying Monkey Bonuses, big win is at the end.
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  1. great bonus wins love this

  2. Awesome! I play this in Deadwood, South Dakota at a casino called Deadwood Gulch. Every time I play Almost always hit it big. I've been pretty lucky to get the Flying Monkey Bonus which is the best one to get. When you get the credit bonus…that stinks. That's happened to me a few times but not many. This is my favorite version of the "OZ" game. I don't care for the others. Congratulations on that fabulous win! The Witch wasn't so evil in sending out those monkeys because they really paid off well for you!! I'll have to look for this one at "Venetian" next time I'm in Vegas which I try to go at least once a year! Sure hope you win a HUGE PROGRESSIVE someday soon!

  3. Great journey to OZ, Diana.

  4. Hey I love your videos! I'm in Texas and the closest casino is kickapoo in eagle pass. My first and only time I went there I put $20 into a slot machine and mistakenly hit the max bet of $15. At first I was mad but then it hit a red screen and spun backwards and I won $1800.00 my first spin at my first time in a casino. I can't wait to go back

  5. I love this game was my biggest slot hit ever on. Was playing 20 lines on a 5 bet but the 5cent version and hit 5 jackpots for 100,000 nickels. $5000

  6. I have never been to Vegas or played the slots there so forgive me but I saw all kinds of numbers….what exactly did you win?

  7. WOW i didnt see this one!! all of the wilds everywhere. Brilliant

  8. Well done that is such a fun bonus, we have those slots in Scotland too. I find that the Emerald City bonus usually pays more but the flying monkeys is much more fun!

  9. Nice wins, I'm glad somebody has a little luck on these machines. I've played them in (I believe) every casino in Ohio and I never seem to get good wins on the monkeys! Thanks for sharing. 

  10. congrats my friend, but i like the 5 cent denom of this, the payouts are more exciting, but i must remember your golden rule just under a handpay shhhhhh

  11. I think Brent is right…the bonus would have doubled with a wild on the fourth reel….but still those were a couple nice ones!!!  CONGRATS!!!

  12. 1) Slowest counter EVER!!!!  lol  and 2) I was SCREAMING on that second video for the monkeys to go to the fourth reel.  LOL

  13. I LOVE Your videos…hope to run into you one day in Vegas…keep them coming…

  14. Thank you for playing this, it really brings back memories of the first time I went to a casino.

  15. nice win

  16. Love Those Monkeys! Nice Couple of Bonus's!!!Great Video..Fun to watch!

  17. Very NIce monkeys were good to you this time good win!!!

  18. Both started kinda slow but really picked up! Great bonuses! All of those wilds were awesome 🙂

  19. nice one d! I never get good luck on the monkeys! they give me like one wild!! haha

  20. WOW those monkeys really pulled through with those wild symbols! Very pretty! Nice win D!

  21. I suggest dont saying BIG WIN in future videos. Surprise us all

  22. Nice hit!  I enjoyed reading your trip report from last month also!

  23. Good win D! It's time to celebrate with a Bellini!

  24. Wow, that was a really big win there, Diana. So fun to watch! I've never seen that many wilds come up! Love it! Couldn't happen to a nicer person, congrats!

  25. Over the rainbow should be played on all woz slots after a big win.
    Congrats D that was cool to watch.

  26. wow great win for sure! would take that any day

  27. Nice bonus, good luck today!

  28. Nice win ! better than sdguy does ! thanks for share

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