WMS — Willy Wonka! Max Bet! Big Win!

WMS — Willy Wonka!  Max Bet!  Big Win!

[ad_1] One of my favorite movies of all time has to be the original Willy Wonka. WMS Gaming came out with a slot machine that captures the sights and sounds of the movie … with some occasional BIG WINS thrown in. While I’m normally a low roller, I do throw caution to the wind on occasion! [ad_2]

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  1. these video just waste my time it ain't got shit!

  2. Jewelbeat need an early retirement. jeeeeeeeez.

  3. I played this for the first time over the weekend.  I got Charlie big head spins, and one of the spins was a single giant Charlie head……the win was over $600, and I was only betting 2.00.

  4. Nice win! 🙂  But I got to tell ya, this is precisely why I don't care for this machine. The payouts are chintzy and the bonus rounds are even worse.   I was not surprised that it only payed you $261.00 on a max credit wager with all those Willy Wonka's.   Any other machine on max bet with a main character multi-line hit would've most likely been a hand-pay, but not this blood sucker.

  5. had to come back and watch again as I am not fortunate enough to get a Big Win on this yet . Hopefully soon , although it is not easy get in the seat of one at our local they are very popular !

  6. just found out you have to open 15,000 wonka bars to get the ticket

  7. How did you get those games

  8. Shamus you are always so polite when people start talking to you while you are playing. You seem like a nice guy.  I love your videos, that is why I subscribe…but the music on this one was sound like it should be pipped into a phsychiatric center….. 

  9. Lady hit the progressive at green valley ranch in las Vegas 700k

  10. Super hit!  I have been high rolling lately and have done ok.  Wish I could play Wonka.  Maybe at Seneca Niagara?  Best to you and all! 😉

  11. how much g

  12. Very nice bonus win there Shamus. A one spin wonder but a great spin.:)

  13. nice hit.. hopefully i can get that

  14. You've been going for the gusto lately huh?..Nice hit!….I'm so happy for you!…that handpay the other day was a really good one too, but the other night?..I saw a man get $4K on 50c Playing the original wicked winnings!~…..smh…..Handpays on small bets, wow!…Congratz Shamus!

  15. I LOVE this game. I've never had a huge win on it, but I've taken a couple of decent tickets. Every time I play it, I feel like a little kid again 🙂

  16. You did it shamus! I knew you would! (The ending of that movie still makes no fucking sense)

  17. Super nice Shamus. Wishing you more and better luck.

  18. Very nice win there Shamus…I really love this game. Once I get caught up on everything I haven't shown, I will devote some more time to this one. Wait, we never get caught up, do we? Oh well, I'll just have to make time. Thanks for sharing your win on Wonka!!!

  19. now that you got the extra dough up the bet.  Nice to see,

  20. do u know ur voice are sooo sexy

  21. beautiful!!! love this game

  22. The world needs more wonka videos, keep em coming

  23. Great win Shamus! It is also one of my favorite movies of all time..it truly is a classic!

  24. Woohoo!!  Love seeing the max bet big win!  Congrats Shamus…

  25. AW you took away the suspense of you seeing if you got the golden ticket or not =(. Oh well grats on your win don't play it all back <3.

  26. Nice 🙂 I hope you're good luck rubs off on me cause i really need it !! Keep those big wins coming 🙂

  27. Nice

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