WMS — Zeus III — **BIG WIN** — Harrah’s Casino and Racetrack — Chester, PA

WMS — Zeus III — **BIG WIN** — Harrah’s Casino and Racetrack — Chester, PA

[ad_1] July 11, 2011 — Awesome win on Zeus III…this is by far by largest win on this game. It was late at night or early morning when I recorded this …. pardon the movement. Enjoy! [ad_2]

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  1. Some next to you or around you hit over $1000 on the same game or wild shootout. I noticed you paused a bit, and I heard the 3X cranking hit music (which means someone won HUGE). Did you see what they won?


  3. Awesome hit!

  4. how much did he win

  5. I think they were called "Reel Boost." This was a real tough game when it came out…hence my BIG WIN sign — LOL! This series got off to a slow start. Since that time people have really killed this game. Hope you will give them another chance, if they're any still left in the Casinos — LOL! Thanks for viewing.

  6. I forget what this style of reels was called, but whatever it is, it has never treated me well. It's nice to see they can actually pay in multiples of hundreds — maybe if they introduce newer versions I'll give them a second chance. Great video!

  7. great win mane.still like zues two better…..

  8. I DO think it's a big win, (how sad it is when people can't even appreciate when they win, whatever the total gain is because they think it's never enough). I enjoyed watching the video, I love this game 🙂

  9. just got this machine in our local…. tried it for the first time and i say its god damn tough to win but still had fun with it lol

  10. yea right. I've played this machine many times at $200 a spin, don't believe the bullshit and I really question how much you put in that machine because if you are getting these hits every time, I don't believe it. This machine is highly volatile and you can put in $300 and bet minimum and it will only spit out 1 bonus round. out of all the people trying this machine there is bound to be good hits but you better believe this machine can suck over $1000 before hitting anything for $500 +

  11. how was it stolen?

  12. With all due respect mp! At that time in 2011, this was considered a BIG win. If u are a slot player, you would know this games volatility was off the charts. No one was showing this kinda of win. Things have changed now. However, I thank the 94,000 people who've watched this video.

  13. I just kept waiting for it to rack up unbelievably high. I bet $2.00 on that Press Your Luck game and won $1050.00 I wouldnt even think of suggesting it was the biggest win on that machine that week, let alone ever.

  14. Yeah, I know.. it was like $450 and no doubt if you're playing in the Casino it's an awesome win, but for $2.00 spin, assuming it's 50 per level, that's like a $100 win for the usual person betting min. credits. Good, but worth posting on YT as the biggest win ever? Come on man.

  15. Congratulations to you on your Progressive.

  16. did he win?

  17. we have this machine here in southern california, and man, did i make a kill! i put a simple 5 dollar bill in the machine, and 3rd pull comes, hit a jackpot, one of the progressives worth about 300 today!

  18. You're Welcome. My biggest hit of $967. I wasn't able to post because my phone was stolen from the casino…but hey…I will look out for your video. Congrats in advance on your wins.

  19. I have also had some good hits I'm going to upload from Zeus III. Thank you so much for posting! Great video!!

  20. Thanks crazyjoelowe…I love these as well…and thanks for the comments about my Graphics.

  21. you won 314 dollars? ROFL

  22. Pretty nice bonus, congrats man

  23. Harrah's Philadelphia…It's in Chester, Pennsylvania…15 mins outside of the City of Philadelphia.

  24. what casino is this?

  25. I think it is a penny bet

  26. Awesome!

  27. I live right near this casino and from now on i will be playing this!!! Awesome win!

  28. Great win, I can't even get a bonus when I play those machines.

  29. awesum! how much money is that many credits?

  30. What would happen if you got all wilds during bonus?

  31. um, yeah it is….

  32. Thanks!

  33. Thanks for the comments. I love the game as well -:)

  34. I love that machine. Nice win and great video!

  35. Thanks YTU…appreciate the feedback and the support!

  36. Your not that big of a win.

  37. When the game first came out…there were not a lot of high paying videos, lots of gamblers were complaining about the low wins. Hence, my BIG WIN…yes, I am aware many people have come after me and won more…but at that time it was a decent win. Thanks for viewing.

  38. You bet two bucks and won four hundred, that is not that big of a win.

  39. I want to see if machines like this are in the casino de montreal

  40. @touandyer You must only play them near the guaranteed level. I would too if I could ever get my hands on them,

  41. god i love that bonus trigger sound on wms machines!

  42. nice hit!

  43. @casinomannj thats fucken heaps good, u did the right thing i reckon when u double ur money then leave btw how much did u put in ?

  44. @jezdog93 congrats jezdog…i did that with a buddy some years ago..playing Cleopatra. Took 1,400 out of the machine..split 700 and left.

  45. won 300 bucks on a pokie in Australia three blokes including me put 20 in each so we got 100 bucks each probs the best I've done but that's pretty good

  46. I enjoyed your video! Nice wins! You have convinced me which game to play tomorrow when I visit the Seminole Hard Rock Casino, Tampa, Fl. They just got this game! Fun!

  47. @touandyer I would consider you very lucky!

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