Wolf Sledge Full Status Builds l Warframe Fortuna

Wolf Sledge Full Status Builds l Warframe Fortuna

[ad_1] Hey, I’ve taken the advice of you guys and re-tested the wolf sledge with a more appropriate build.

The results are definetly better, although still not something I would be regularly using.

I’d say it is slightly above mastery fodder with this build but still far from being a top tier weapon [ad_2]

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  1. i like ur first video, i realy think is a unique hammer, maybe with mele 2.999999999999999999999999 gid better

  2. pretty cool but … zaw > wolf hammer

  3. Lol I sold the Handle for 400plat looks like I’m set next time I get 50% off for a frame

  4. How does shattering storm compare to crushing ruin, personally I hate stances that send you flying everywhere

  5. Uhh why does it perform weaker than the jat kittag. Or is it just me >_>

  6. Much improved, hopefully they fix the throw bug. Here's a suggestion: The AoE combo that sends all the guys flying? What if you close the distance and use ground finisher while they are on the ground? Maybe finisher damage mod might be useful, maybe not would depend on how good you are closing the distance and getting into position. Just a theory.

  7. Third video coming in the very near future with a riven mod! If you have any types of builds or synergy that you would like to see in this video let me know in response to this comment. I'll also be streaming on twitch farming kuva and rolling it after the dev stream today!


  8. your build still can get imnproved for Condition you wana get as many status as posible so i wold sparcle in heat or cold too

  9. i never seen the wolf in mision

  10. hope this comment isn't rude, but how the fuck did you get this weapon soo fast?

  11. To be honest this weapon isnt all that great, if you want a good hammer just use the Arca Titron or a Zaw

  12. Will be good with ivara's navigator??

  13. Use inaros hammers have second highest finisher damage pocket sand

  14. I think this weapon isn’t that good, even after you’re second video. It’s improved for sure, but it still doesn’t impress at the moment. It’s cool looking though!

  15. A -impact riven might do it justice, if they fix the throw gimmick it might be usable with a riven

  16. Did you try buzz kill and viral?
    Edit** crushing ruin feels a lot better without reach

  17. I made a similar comment on your last video and poster Connor down below mentioned how great the block combo is on crushing ruin. The problem with the spin combo is the wind-up time though I do like to use it. I like to pair the Rabvee zaw strike with Exodia Hunt because you get the pull off the block combo.. I really do think this is the top hammer in the game built correctly and using both Beserker and Primed Fury…. Any crit chance over 15% plus Blood Rush is usually enough. I actually built two, one with high crit that red crits constantly and another with more status that's probably a bit better for 120+ enemies…. This is without a great riven either (I have a meh one but it's not needed to get a lot out of the Rabvee hammer)….I know others prefer the Arca Titron and/or Fragor Prime, but I think the Rabvee is a bit stronger just because of Exodia Hunt…I was thinking for this Wolf Sledge Hammer that a -impact +cc, +cd would be best, but thinking further, I actually think you want -impact + attack speed and really anything good for the second stat like range, crit damage, or even flat damage where you could drop Primed Pressure Point… The attack speed is a godsend on these hammers and I recommend trying that out as once it gets going it's swinging pretty fast, it's not my best zaw but it's good enough for higher level content….Thanks for showing us further testing and being secure enough to realize your last video wasn't comprehensive and taking the time to make another

  18. It still doesn’t feel comparable to the gram prime. Maybe if the throw get better mechanics like if it would bounce between enemies. Even then I’m still not sure it’s a good tactic in melee. Blood rush berserker on the gram pretty much spoiled me so I’m sure I am a little biased, but if I’m going to go melee I don’t want my targets to be flying away and I want to take sortie level mobs down within 2-3 seconds.

  19. kinda sad how rare it is to get but how bad it is

  20. I was kind of a dick about it last video, sorry about that, but thank you for giving status a shot.

  21. i hate when DE add boss themed weapons and have their damage be complete shit, it took its sweet time with level 50s? im not someone who does top tier end game and im not obsessed with having weapons one shot level 150s and i dont think anything below that is trash, but even this is a bit stupid, they need to up the damage of the seer and this thing, i love boss themed weapons/boss signature weapons in any game so having most of them in warframe be like this is annoying

  22. Sigh* I thought the gimmick throw has atleast an arching mechanic, guess it really is just a charged throw on a weapon type that has outdated stance. Back to zenistar then. Thank you for this informative video.

  23. Sigh* I thought the gimmick throw has atleast an arching mechanic, guess it really is just a charged throw on a weapon type that has outdated stance. Back to zenistar then. Thank you for this informative video.

  24. tyvm for the info man! for me my fav melee is the Gunadao and i think it will be like a prize/collectors weapon

  25. I like this. Listen to others and get an idea of how to build it.

  26. Thanks for the video man, great content! But the weapon is still very underwhelming for me, nothing I will look for.

  27. Any thoughts into dropping the range mod and tossing in buzzkill to get it to modestly favor slash?

  28. thanks for the update Gaz 🙂

  29. Omg it’s terrible, mr foda, you’ll do 5x the damage with a 0 Forma Lesion

  30. One request if possible:
    — Replace Primed Reach or Virulent Scourge with Bloodrush.
    — Replace Primed Fury with berserker.

  31. Please please take a look at atlas for your kuva farming guide. Ore gaze can be used for extra life support and bulwark can be placed directly on top of the harvester to protect it from enemy fire. He has an incredible niche in kuba survival spread the word.

  32. Iwant it, but I'm not in a rush to get it. On e of those 'if it happens it happens' things. I like the throw mchanic, which melee 3.0's dedicated heavy attack button might make fun to use. assuming that actually happens. They… kinda need to add more damage here.

  33. And what 'bout a gas weeping wounds and shattering impact build? xD

  34. People, specially in youtube, are jerks, actually just listen to positivity, keep going man ❤ thank you for the showcase/content

  35. I’m not a hammer guy myself. But the gimmick is nice.

  36. Yea this weapons isn't in the top tier level of melee I thought it would be. Either way it's decent for the star chart

  37. I still want it. I mean a hammer you can throw, I can compleate my hammer bro fashion frame.

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