Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Slot — BIG WIN SESSION!

Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Slot — BIG WIN SESSION!

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This entry into the Wonder Woman brand is a solid entertainment-style title with a variety of bonuses and special features and I believe to be a clone of the Wonder Woman Bullets & Bracelets title with respect to game play.

The bonus is triggered by landing bonus symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4 for one spin of the wheel where you either are awarded a Bonus, a Credit Prize, or a Jackpot. If the wheel lands on a Credit Prize or
the Minor or Major Jackpot,a secondary wheel will spin awarding you a multiplier between 2 and 10.

The «Knock Out Wilds Free Games» bonus starts with 8 spins and each wild that lands locks for the remainder of the bonus. Additionally, between each spin Wonder Woman will add some wilds too!

The «Transforming Wilds Free Games» bonus starts with 8 spins and before each spin, random positions will be replaced with wilds and as your spins increase, the maximum number of potential replacements will also increase! And what’s really cool is that for spins 4 thru 8, Diana may make an appearance and pull all wilds together to form a group for that one spin only, giving you a shot at that Big Win or Jackpot, Enjoy!

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  1. have any of the slot machine companies sued you?

  2. That was long video. Thank you so much!.. I loooved it 🙂

  3. That was one, hard fought battle! Great to see you quadrupled your money, before the inevitable happened!! LOL

  4. Glad your patience and enthusiasm with the game paid off. Thx 4 sharing!

  5. You should play “Temple of Fire”

  6. $73 on almost an entire screen of wilds!? I thought that would be at least at few hundred, easily

  7. I’m shocked all those wilds only payed $73…. nice run though 🙂

  8. Just subbed!

  9. Nice win on wonder woman. If you dont mind me asking what was the tap on your shoulder about?

  10. Need to get yourself some 'spy' glasses.

  11. W T F O M G YOU ARE ONE ????? LOVE IT.

  12. Keep on winnning. Nice job!!!

  13. They could not have kicked you off a better machine.

  14. Did they really kick you out?

  15. How do you know at what time to just leave a machine ? You were gonna let it take all of your money but you got a decent bonus when you only had like $40-50 left

  16. If a casino kicked me out for winning, I wouldn't come back.

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