World of Wonka FULL SCREEN OF WONKAS HUGE WIN Free Spin Bonus Slot Machine

World of Wonka FULL SCREEN OF WONKAS HUGE WIN Free Spin Bonus Slot Machine

[ad_1] Some live play with some Oompa Loompa features and a Wonka free spins bonus with a HUGE WIN on a full screen on Wonkas!!!

How was this not a handpay?? Brent, please chime in. XD

Don’t make these mistakes in Las Vegas!

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  1. I thought I heard some Jerry Seinfeld at 6:55. Just played that game so it's fresh on my mind. Great hit man!!!

  2. i love this machine because i find it fun but it pays shit for even the higher bets sadly. it needs to pay more considering some things are super rare to get.

  3. Hand pay? “You lose, good day sir!” — Willy Wonka

  4. Amazing hit, congrats!

  5. 6$ fullscreen and only 800$ win…

    Scam slot

  6. Was that 885$? What a shame. And this is the reason why the casino doesn't allow recording in their vicinity. It reveals their crappy machines so you can avoid them lolol

  7. Went to the casino in Bensalem called parx.  Played a few slots, did not get a hand payout, but I did get a hand job in my car.  HAHAHAHHA

  8. As usual with these slots, fantastic graphics but not a huge payout — not even for what we assume is a full screen……. bit of a con really when you realise it isn't one screen, but side by side screens

  9. holy crap that was awful great vid though

  10. This game sucks ass. Should've paid WAYYYY MORE!

  11. Wow how was that not $$$$$$???? Fantastic design and play, but awful pay! I had a heartattack when that happened I thought you won $100,000.

  12. I love the charm of these machines, sounds and music especially.

  13. At max bet (I assume is what he was playing) and this doesn't give you at least a handpay for all wilds, why even play this game?

  14. Wow well done for the hit but a full screen of wilds that is all ? Dreadful. I'm a huge slot player and this is the very reason many Vegas slots do not appeal to me. There are far to many ridiculously low volatility slots. All the bells, whistles and amazing graphics for what should have been a mega win (1000 X plus) for it to be just a nice hit. . I would rather play a slot that bonuses rarely but when you do hit you have a good chance of hitting a 500 X plus bonus. Alternatively play roulette , cards or dice.

  15. why do i keep watching others success and being mad and jealous sigh

  16. I hit my very first Jackpot Handpay on this machine at Fiesta on N Rancho. Was betting $3 and hit the handpay on the first feature in the video with the oompa loompa train passing the wild scrolling signs. I was 1 reel from top to bottom shy of a full screen of Charlie's. And they had stretched the game almost full left to right. Paid $2,250. Was very exciting.

    Nice hit man. Subscribed. I love watching slot players vids and with how much I play and my luck I think I should start making some myself. Glad you caught this one film. I'll be checking out some more of your vids. Cheers bud.

  17. hand pay hand pay, this is my hand pay…jk only 600

  18. That game would give me a headache. There's just waaaaay to much going on

  19. Check your paytables, people!!!!!!!!!!

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