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38 комментариев

  1. There seems to he a video interrupting your ads

  2. In Point Edward just off Sarnia there’s a casino and they have this game, I’ve played it and it’s fun

  3. I love this machine played it a lot and did good for me

  4. The end of this answer more lose then win ….. Thanks guys

  5. Sssithss dollarsss a ssspin……. letsss do thissssss!!!!

  6. Spoiler alert click bait, because $200 is not a big win.

  7. This guy sounds gay as aids

  8. C’mon you little orange bastards! Lol

  9. Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay…….

  10. BIG win my ass Pathetic !!!!!

  11. Bonus??…Mother Damn….lmao

  12. Collet even MORE Money when you wave your hands next to the screen (over the black 5 by 3 inch lens at the bottom of the screen) as if "Catching" the flowing arch of candy !!!!!!!!!!!!  LOTS of Money to be "caught" !!!!!!! there.

  13. *clickbait

  14. dear the Bingo King, great videos as always. I have just made a video for you on my channel. title is "Casino Secrets revealed by owner: how to win slots"

  15. Ashole

  16. This video would be a lot better if you didn't talk

  17. legend says he's still waiting for the bonus

  18. whers big win

  19. There was no big win you fucking liar's

  20. Now that this machine has been out for a while, casinos have moved them to the back, because hardly anyone plays them. And that's because players know how AWFUL the overall win rates and pays are on this. It sucks, because it's a great game and all, but you fork over $100 bills left and right and still lose big time. It's a shame. I'll never play it again.

  21. how is the song called at the beginning of the video?

  22. как песня называется в начале видео?

  23. How much are you down lifetime?

  24. where is the big win? waste of time watching

  25. To quote another video creator, "I'm in the spins business." I rarely play this slot or older Aristocrat because my closest local does not carry them. However, perhaps I would have pickedthe profesor being a teacher myself lol.

  26. where was the big win ?

  27. This guy is fucking gay

  28. I LOVE THIS GAME! It's funny how you win and start singing along…hahahaha

  29. you were supposed to wave your hands around when the candy starts flying! there are hand gesture cameras at the bottom!!!!

  30. keep going you little bastards lol great win

  31. That was fun :). Back to back!

  32. did you end up winning at the end? How much were you betting on each spin?

  33. New vs. Old. ?

  34. Amazing hit, congrats!

  35. Just got back from miami last night and drove to firekeepers and low and behold they have 4 new wonkas !!!! Boom 🙂

  36. I have yet to see a hand pay on this game. Nice wins!

  37. You go ladyboyz/boyladyz

  38. Click bait fucker!!

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