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34 комментария

  1. That's fucking crazy……..good on the winner

  2. Does anyone seriously believe that this is a genuine win? If so, you should join the flat earth brigade.!

  3. the twist part 2 it was a demo game

  4. I had £1700 off 60p

  5. The best win ever, congs mate

  6. You look like how dazza g sounds. Boom

  7. nice win every time i get 9s wild i lucky to get more then 3

  8. imagine that on 20 quid stake :/

  9. I wonder how much that person was in on that game. Watching bandit saying he was in 23k and mysteriously won that back on 80p stake makes you wonder. Is that game really random or maybe it’s compensating whatever you’re in?
    Anyway, that’s insane win and it’s good to know it’s even possible.

  10. Just jizzed my pants. Well done spend it wisely

  11. BTG promo vid.

  12. It seems like it is a demo video provided by the providers..Don't you think it is strange that it does not come up attached to any channel or user? I like this channel but still! It looks like an advertisement to me.

  13. 498 off a 10p stake is my best..100,000 x is everyone's dream win tho….insane!

  14. Oh

  15. That's pretty amazing that. I do like this game on low stakes, bit of a slow burner. I was very lucky last week and managed 5000x on 30p stake.

  16. Fake it’s play money

  17. Amazing hit but the game is 99% of the time utter shite

  18. Incredible but absolutely not proof that is real game and not demo! Every casino has clearly written somewhere outside the playing field that it is a real game or a demo. If these giant wins don't see clear play for money outside of the game, they're all demos or they have to prove it with a clear screenshot after winning that it's a play for money. I don't understand that everyone will jump on it. Not the only proof as well as more and more videos that it's a game for money! FAKE!

  19. Its not record though, ppl have won 111,111x in doa2

  20. Omg unreal

  21. That’s fucking bonkers!!! Not seen a btg go nuts for a while like this it’s paid more than dead or alive 2 max win crazy !!!✌️

  22. That is one happy dude

  23. Very nice win.

  24. What a win that is.. fair ply!!!!!! i had the hearts full on 20p 30p 40p 50p 60p 80p and 1pound.. and the best win out of them all was £600 on 80p.. i had 9s two but i had the extra heart but just goes to show how hard this game can be.. to be honest i only needed one more 9 or heart to make the second retrigger. bigger potential than dead or live.

  25. 42k on a 40p stake Jesus Christ … just proves you don't need to bet big to win big if that was me I would be going crazy

  26. Well done but ..The bandit hit £100,000 on Jasmin jars on £6

  27. Yeah and probably will take a year for the withdrawal with countless ID asked for, a blood test and a Corona virus negatively check. That's always my experience with these sites. Demo play? Jk

  28. O M G!!!!! Freakin Insane!!!

  29. Wow that's is huge Congrats to you, you deserve that hun. Thankyou for every stream you do much appreciated xx

  30. DOA 2 111.111x not bigger lol ?

  31. The slot has had billions of spins, so 100,000 X win isn't that good odds. It won't stop people trying though. I normally spin a few hundred in demo on BTG's whilst watching streams but it is soon obvious how unlikely a wild screen is. You probably got more chance of hitting 11 or 12 on a 1X2 footie coupon.

  32. Next time you want 9s this is where thy all went ! awesome win……imagine this was in an Arcade…excuse me Miss can you come and check this pay out ?…….when all the middle reels were purple heart on the first reel paid £4600…didnt even hit on 6th reel awesome slot….well done enjoy the winning but save 95% for something life changing x

  33. Outrageous win that. Absolutely delighted for the lucky person that won it. I just completed collecting the heart stopper on 40p and it paid £1.78 lol. Wins like this is likely why the game pays garbage 98% of the time.

  34. Holy shit who ever won that i bet they was going fucking crazy . Thats a hit an half that x

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