WOW! BIG WINS! Quadrupled Our Money Playing Slots with Brent! New Slots!

WOW! BIG WINS! Quadrupled Our Money Playing Slots with Brent! New Slots!

[ad_1] WOW! BIG WINS! Quadrupled Our Money Playing Slots with Brent! New Slots!

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These are my Top 10 Line Hits!

I LOVE The Walking Dead Slot! This is my biggest baddest win in Atlantic City!

Oh Buffalo! This game treats me so nice! These are my top 2 wins!
Almost a Handpay!


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  2. Let’s do this again soon! How did I miss this? Great video

  3. Is that a guy or a woman ???

  4. So stoked to see you all winning. Brent u rock those shades! U need them for all the shade thrown at u. Thanks for the upload.

  5. This game looks so fun I remember the original many moons ago hope to find it out there going to Vegas in July.

  6. Do you all remember Little Green Men 5 reel game that and Cleopatra 5 reel are my favorites

  7. Sorry I missed this. YASS love it. I watched this but I always comment sorry thought I did. Love you congratulations you two are great

  8. nice wins congrats

  9. hola donde es ese casino saluditos besitos

  10. Fabulous fun video to watch but then with such a fun group of people it had to be. I played Little Green Men 2 twice at Cosmopolitan recently and just couldn't get the bonus. Had fun with the Wilds and a first spin progressive but boy it's challenging to get the bonus. I'm determined next trip to get one on t.

  11. Seems like you are having fun, the most important thing in the casino. Great session!

  12. I'm super excited to play this game — I hope I find it soon!! Amazing wins for you guys!!

  13. So this is the game Brent and sdguy we're talking about on their chat looks very zesty . Got to try to find this !!

  14. Love your channel. Best of luck from Texas!

  15. Awesome play session, can't wait to play that new LGM2!!!! TYFS

  16. It's very entertaining to watch you two! Great video! Thanks Manny & Brent!

  17. So much fun Thanks

  18. Brent:
    "Where's my money?" Lol!!!

  19. I love it! I know it was Brent’s glasses!!

  20. Must find this game!!! That was so fun, guys! Lol on Manny sneaking in the max bets!

  21. That was awesome!

  22. Love the little green men slot! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  23. omg. your're in the arid zone. too bad not norte. any future grouppull plans?

  24. This is really a fun game 1 of The Originals from years past good luck guys

  25. ~WHERE WHERE WHERE IS THIS GAME (Little Green Men 2)?!? It looks like a WHOLE lot of fun!~

  26. Cool game

  27. awesome bonuses

  28. Love how easy going you 2 are! That laughing moon brings back lots of memories, use to love the original.

  29. Great to see the new game…looks like fun! Nice wins 🙂

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