[WTF] Players Ask For Fortuna NERF| Warframe

[WTF] Players Ask For Fortuna NERF| Warframe

[ad_1] WTF players ask for Fortuna nerf with enemies In Warframe

Hotfix 24.0.4


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  1. Lol I just can’t with this community anymore I can’t understand WTF is going on

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  2. Well guess I will wait for Pluto xD

  3. On one hand, there needs to be a balance on easier content for the new players, and difficult content for the vets. HOWEVER. on the other hand, you can't just nerf EVERYTHING into the ground. i think they should keep fortuna as a somewhat more difficult area. not super hard mode of course, but still offer a bit of a challenge. eventually it would be nice to have enough open world areas to have one for easy mode, one for intermediate, and another for hard mode. people are complaining about the difficulty of fortuna, but that should make the player want to get stronger in game and build up their warframes and weapons so they can handle it in those higher level areas. LOVE your videos and streams Rio. much love, keep being awesome.

  4. Not everyone sits in a corner with the tankiest frame and spams frisbee. Some people actually want to have fun outside of meta. The whole idea of sticking to meta as much as Rio does would make any game boring and repetative. Meta doesn't equall fun, best example? Venka! And about Fortuna enemies..damn. most missions require you to either defend stuff (drones, drops, excavators, coildrive) or go find speciffic enemies, so you camp bases and while you have to be close you get cc'ed like crazy. Every unit has some knockdown or crowd control ability. And some are immune to frame abilities which is the worst possible enemy design. And remember: certain bounty rewards are only available through high lvl bounties, see the problem? I don't want to play Arca Plasmor and Nidus combo, meta isn't challenging you wuss. I had a lot more fun maining my Frost Prime and using varied arsenal with mastery fodder. Even the bloody Veldt was fun to use in long range engagements. Fortuna wasn't aimed at veterans but was marketed to bring in new players who don't have acces to weapons devoid of challenge, fun and skill (Arca, Amprex, whips) and frames so tanky you can be braindead and use them (Nidus) so yeah. The Fortuna nerf was a good move and was never marketed as engame.

  5. Are the same people who asked to nerf Fortuna the same crowd that begged for all of those popular weapons — like the Ignis… to be nerfed??? Does that sound like it makes sense? Even if it isnt the same crowd — its the same DEVELOPER who Nerfed the enemies AND nerfed a bunch of popular weapons…. That is just schizophrenic!

  6. Ok, there is a small thing. I did the Vox Solaris quest with rank 0 gear (basically, Garuda and Nagantaka, just bought the bundle), and the quest wasn't the easiest thing to do with that gear. It wasn't hard, it just wasn't the roflstomp I expected it to be. Now, that speaks one thing: new players, the legit ones, who don't have the gear, mods, etc, will have serious problems, so I can understand those players asking for help since the quest may be too hard for them.

    On the other hand, when I took better gear with more mods than just a maxed Serration + Split Chamber, the difficulty felt very fun. The best balance would've been to just tweak the quest to make it much easier, and the problem would've been solved, but the complaints were too many, which is stupid. At least DE will bring back some of the difficulty, hopefully good enough for us to have fun.

  7. think they should of just nerfed the opening quest because thats what they were having problems with. Cause after that they can just grind the low rank bounties fine. If they did that the weak players wont have any right to complain because they will have access to all of fortuna. For the complaints for "i need to do bounties for debt bounds" you can easily get the ones needed from ticker and for complaints about "i need to do high level bounties so i can finish my standing" is nulled because they probably arent even a high enough MR to have a lot of standing in-game to accumulate anyways

  8. Apparently it wasn't the fact that it was "just too hard" but there were enemies who were able to one shot at relatively low levels. I can see why they nerfed it because a well molded inaros shouldn't get one shotted by an enemy under level 60

  9. I know they removed elite units because they were too strong they were one shoting a umbral inaros but are scaling them back and adding them back in

  10. i don't like nerfing stuff but apparently tactical potatoes' inaros got one shotted by some enemies. There might be some reasoning behind this nerf. Besides, making enemies deal alot of dmg isnt difficult, we need some unique mechanics to kill certain enemies not just more damage

  11. Actually it was the enemy in cave need to fix, not the whole thing. Currently when you fight enemy in the cave, they will drop a lot of beacon in a tight area which cause reinforcement from every direction swarm you at once.

  12. Dude the commutuny asked for harder difficulty literally a week later we ask for a nerf ? It ll be way too easy just like plains… No thanks

  13. How are lvl 8-10 enemies to hard -_-

  14. Just watched potato and he said that his Umbral Inaros got one shot in Fortuna with a low level enemy while he was streaming

  15. PC P****

  16. We wanted some more endgame and DE just nerfed it,No wonder they created Lotus

  17. These is stupid

  18. No one new or weak is working together with the ppl who can do it instead of them ruining it for the exprienced players we all need to Lift together

  19. I find it interesting that your not using the syndicate mod. Anyway, i would like to think that there's a point where DE can't completely nerf the content because at the end of the day there just has to be a way to actually "bump up" the enemies level and then those low "base" numbers don't mean anything anymore. Why DE gave the enemies the Arca Plasmor and the Opticor is beyond me, i get it, the Opticor is not "end game" viable like it was meant to be and if they were given the Lanka they wouldn't hardly be hitting anyone and honestly, the way they can nerf the opticor corpus is to make them BIGGER. And i mean give them some form of tech suit bigger so they stick out like the bombards and napalms. And let's give those corpus a round of applause because they set a new standard of "OP" right up there with the Drahk Masters for most OP enemies in the game, higher than the Hyaka Master.

    If DE really wants to nerf them enemies, they need to be giving the corpus different weapons. When i see the Opticor, i expect something to die. When i see the Arca Plasmor, i expect something to die and it can hit a group of enemies easily. A true "nerf" would be to replace their weapons. I get it, everyone's tired of seeing the Dera, but this is a staple corpus weapon that apparently is so good that the Corrupted Lancer uses it. Replace the Opticor with the Strun or some other weapon there's 4 Tenno if there's tenno to join the session, that is the cap. And there's about 30 enemies on the map to attack those 4 tenno possibly even more. This is why there are CC frames in the game, Warframe needs to take some notes from some of these MOBA's because when i join in an ESO and everyone's using Saryn it kills the fun. Every Fortuna group should have at least 1 CC frame player like there's a kiosk "Hey, i wanna play TANK i want someone who plays CC" and then someone who wants to go into Fortuna as CC joins your group, your both aiming to do the same bounty which was pre-selected and now you load into the fray. BUT NO IT'S FREE TO PLAY SO WHY PUT MORE EFFORT INTO IT WE'LL JUST NERF THE ENEMIES.

    Thank you for your time.

  20. OP weapons? …yeah the….NERF.

  21. I think these snowflakes need to find another hobby.

  22. You're right Rio and I support what you're saying.

  23. The problem is, and the reason why the nerf is justified, is that these level 70 corpus were hitting harder than level 100 grineer. The difficulty can remain, just nerf the base and rescale the quest levels to more accurately reflect the mission difficulty.

  24. Yeaaaa….more simple ass content to breeze through because some of the community are a bunch of of bitches. I was really looking to test my frames. Well….fml now amh

  25. Warframe players suck ass, but I'm glad all these scrubs are buying my prime sets.

  26. When he said the McDonalds comparison to fortuna not having high level enemies, I was dying XD

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