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  1. Love you michel

  2. sawan..is..tha..hiro

  3. 心虽碎 人不毁

  4. Hit man is still my Greatest!

  5. Diesel is so tall

  6. I was his fan since the day he start 1996 i love his technique so much flyiing wrestler love you shawn Michael

  7. Top 5 Shawn Michaels win so cool and so nice.

  8. How was the match wit hbk vs Kurt angle so big

  9. Bret Hart was better

  10. Well least he came back to wwe

  11. Music name?

  12. First ever hell in a cell match at bad blood should be on the list — always number 2 to me after the iron man match

  13. The music TOTALLY sucks!!!

  14. I like m

  15. The showstopper

  16. Fabulous

  17. This is just someone's opinion of HBKS 5 greatest matches! There is one match that I am sure 99.9999% people will agree belongs on this list! Summerslam 2002 HBK VS HHH first time HBK Wrestled in 4 and a half years and stole the show! I have a couple of others that could be on this list!

  18. Your song is very bad

  19. Raise your hand if you think Shawn Michaels is greatest in ring performer of all time

  20. Good video. Would've been better without the music

  21. Hot bread kid. Shawn Michael

  22. Best good HBK

  23. Shawn Is all time legend

  24. With vince mcmohan match was awesome, u could have include that too

  25. If I were to chose the best 5 matches in the history of WWE, at least 4 out of 5 will be HBK's. Best ever to step in the ring. No one has electrified like he does. If I have to rate the top 5 who electrified or made WWE today what it is: HBK, Undertaker, Ric Flair, Stone Cold, The Rock in this order.

  26. Undertaker vs shawn michaels should be in the no.1 spot

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