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YouTubers React to Shane Dawson's Big Win

YouTubers React to Shane Dawson's Big Win

Shane Dawson won a Shorty award for YouTuber of the year, and fellow creators are pouring out their support.


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35 комментариев

  1. Congrats, Shane!!!

  2. Shane is the godfather of YouTube ! Love him so much!

  3. Love him so much! Definitely deserved this and more❤❤❤

  4. And James Charles had the AUDACITY to TWEET????…….

  5. morgan with wine in her veins is the best

  6. his back might hurt for carrying the whole youtube community

  7. I love that even though he won, he highlighted Andrew on stage and them highlighted Ryland and Morgan's achievements.

  8. Congrats to Shane!!

  9. Last year: Ohh it's not me it's Superwoman. I'll go home

    This Year: ………….Well damn

  10. Shane should be youtuber of the decade

  11. Yeah but I still bet YouTube will not give a shit about him which is sad

  12. Shane and Andrew could literally direct a whole movie together and still deny the credit we love a humble duo

  13. I STAN!!!! I love them all!!! ❤❤❤

  14. Kathy's speech made me so emotional

  15. I’m so proud of Shane. Fighting against his anxiety through an award. Love you Shaneeeeeeee

  16. Congratulations to Shane

  17. james charles should just shut up

  18. Shit I’m crying

  19. He is just so sweet and humble ❤️❣️❣️❣️

  20. My heart is sooo happy!!!! Shane Dawson's is the best!!!


  22. shane is the best brother awwwww i'm crying

  23. It’s so cute how he hid behind Kathy while she was speaking, it probably because he was happy crying and that makes me super happy. Love Shane!!!

  24. You are Taylor Swift and graveyardgirls’s love child..

  25. His first being there award for A LONGGG TIME I get he has anxiety meeee

  26. Very well deserved


  28. Im not crying you are!##

  29. Shane deserves so much and I'm so glad he won an award. I hope this brings up his self esteem about his content and platform. And I hope he keeps growing in what he does best.

  30. Omg I love Andrew heheh

  31. Yay Shane and crew! U all deserve the very best. I am always on ur side thru all of ur videos!

  32. All deserve more than they get now

  33. 1:24 you can hear Ryland scream

  34. Can we all just take a minute to appreciate that Shane should have gotten this ages ago but that he deserves it so much

  35. Um I cried

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