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Playing at Charlestown West Virginia Casino

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  1. I hit it before on a $1 bet, only payed out $450 or so. was happy,very rare but fun to play, btw in Canada our slots are 25cent and max is $1.25. canada

  2. This happened to me twice in 1 day believe it or not.

  3. i remember these old zeus machines. They were great. The new ones are good also but these ones werent bad dont know why they all disappeared/

  4. I got the 100 spins once. Best 10 minutes of my life. Won around 150 on a 30 cent bet. 

  5. Hey…can't complain about 300X! Can't complain about 1000X too. 🙂 Could have been more. Fun to watch regardless.

  6. Bet atleast 180 then post waste of time

  7. What a waste for 30 bets you could win more.

  8. Too bad there was no scatter pay for the symbols. It should have at least been 4000 credits and maybe even 40000.

  9. you made an average of $2 a spin..

  10. Never played it but lol I wanna to now!.!.!.!.!

  11. you know zeus is on facebook which I think it's where you got this out off not some casino.

  12. This is Crazy Never seen this!

  13. Oh i love the Zeus slots!

  14. made about a dollar a spin; couldve been better but i know how hard it is to get 100 spins on that game let alone a bonus. the reel is so tight at hard rock tampa.

  15. I got the 100 spins once before and on a $4 max bet. I thought I was going to jackpot it, but it only ended up being about $700. Not that I didn't appreciate it, but I thought it would have been more…but congrats

  16. change the cycle. Press stop during the free spins of a bad bonus round it will start the next spin at a different ime and stop the RNG at a different time which will lead to a different out come VS had you not touched the game.

  17. I would beg differ about hitting the same combination twice. I have hit the exact same pay numerous numerous times on the exact same machines. Also many of the stops of the reels are weighted. Thus you get 2 bonus symbols frequently they are teaser spins as I call em.. So close to a big win or a bonus yet so far.. intentionally programed to play the psychological game w/ the gambler. Yes stopping it during Free Spins changes the out come it will change the time at which the RNG stops again. thus

  18. continued…. Which put your odds against you. The only to win is to be there at the right time or to not play at all. If people go into casinos thinking they are only going to win, they will come out losing. Personally I go into casinos thinking I will have fun, winning is optional and great if it happens.

  19. The RNG calculate over 4 billion combinations per millisecond which is why you never land the same combination more than once. I know it isn't a smart thing to play only max either but some people do. New games do tend to favor lower bet players because it takes more spins to land the bets. Keep in mind that the more lines a game has, the less likely it is to land a combination. If you have a slot machine with 50 lines and 10 symbols each place has a chance of that symbol worse if symbols stack

  20. Although that is true, it doesn't change the fact that stopping the machine changes the RNG cycle. There is not cycle to an RNG, it is an algorithm. Lower bet players always have a better advantage because they have more spins in. However, I didn't say that betting max gives you a better chance. I said that is why some people recommend only playing max. Your bet doesn't determine what will land. No matter what you are betting the combinations will land.

  21. If you don't believe me go look at the stats on the G+ Deluxe series of games. All of the biggest wins in terms of multiples of the bet are won on max lines x1 or less bets. Those stats don't lie and paint a CLEAR picture of the games. Also if you simply do the math the lower bet player has an advantage. They simply get more spins per dollar which gives them more exposure to the game. That gives them a large advantage.

  22. It is not a smart thing to do to play max. The only games that are worth playing max on are games that offer a disportionate pay out for max bets or exclusive pays. Yes it does change the out come of the bonus perhaps not the spin but as the free spins go it cycles through the RNG. Stopping it will change the cycle and timing of the cycle. The RNG is not effected by max bets at all. It's the same cycle of numbers no matter the bet. Many of these new games are heavily weighted towards lower bets.

  23. It doesn't change anything. Stopping it won't change the cycle nor does it change the combinations. The RNG is what determines every spin. It doesn't determine your pay just the combinations. That is why people always say to play max. It is a smart thing to do but it takes a bank roll to do it. I have worked with slot machines and all it is a math game.

  24. I used to think stopping didn't matter… But… I was playing a .02 quick hit at $3 a spin I got free spins and it did a re-trigger so I had 49 spins total. A slot tech was watching 15 spins into it it wasn't paying squat. I said man this is horrible he said stop it on one spin. That it will change the cycle. So I stopped it and wouldn't you know it finally started paying…

  25. what a joke

  26. thats nice all 5 bonus symbols very rare nice hit.

  27. ok yes i seen it at the end all 5 bonus symbols…nice win

  28. How do you get that many spins?do you have to get all 5 bonus symbols?

  29. 1) Stopping the reels has no effect on the outcome
    2) Everyone griping about "only $200"…give me a break
    3) Everyone saying "should have bet max", what if they had been betting max and lost it all before the free spins even came up?

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