ZEUS III slot machine Max Bet MEGA BIG WIN BONUS!

ZEUS III slot machine Max Bet MEGA BIG WIN BONUS!

[ad_1] This is Wms gaming Zeus III slot machine $2.40 bet max bet mega big win bonus.
This is one of the most exciting and heart breaking bonus at the same time. It was very close to ultimate goal. Enjoy.

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  1. fantastic! i'm motivated to try it myself 🙂

  2. All those zeuses, never seen so many well done

  3. 24 of those spins are what I usually get in my bonus

  4. Nice! If you check my channel you can see my huge win, last spin in the bonus on a 80 cent bet!

  5. Omg that damn bonus symbol…

  6. Ugh….stopping by to see this one again….just isn't fair 🙁

  7. that machine is amazing, Last month in MGM i started with like 12 dollars , got 30 free spins and made 150 dollars in 5 minutes. I also like zeus II, It has also given me some pretty good wins

  8. will anyone take the opportunity to subscribe to my channel watch the casino videos rate share comment thank you 😀

  9. best wishes

  10. That was amazing — half a hand pay! Good play. Thanks for filming.

  11. Estaba pensando por un casino así para jugar, esta moderno., gracias

  12. unlucky !!! so close

  13. I hit a jackpot for $3864 on Zeus III at the Miami Valley Racino near Cincinnati back in July of this year. I was playing max bet of $4, and hit the bonus for 10 free spins. I had 5 columns of the wild Zeus symbol, and the last column was the two vases, so it was an entire screen of vases…192 lines at $20 per line. I was floored, could not believe it hit! I play this machine often at the Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, and hit the major progressive for between $400 to $500 probably about once every 6 weeks or so. Love these machines, you can win big…but you can lose big too! Congrats on the win, sorry that bonus symbol blocked a jackpot!

  14. WOW!! Nice win..But those BLOCKERS GRRRRR…Like the new Intro :)..Congrats! You are 1 With the Zeus haha!!

  15. Mmm….that 5th reel was delicious…..fuuuuck, LOL. great win though.

  16. I'll take that win even with the cock block TRIGGER symbol. Congrats.

  17. CLUBBBBBBBSSSSSSSSSSSSSS LOL amazing win even thou that blocker of a bonus showed up and clubssssss

  18. OMG, one of these days I will get a full screen of Zeus!! Great hit Blue!

  19. Nice win blue.. Almost a jp they were starting to line up w/ the boats!

  20. Awesome bonus..  Congrats!

  21. Ahh I now see what you mean…so close to perfection 🙂 WOW! Still, very awesome win and video! Congrats!

  22. I was expecting a higher pay out for that almost full screen but still a nice bonus.

  23. yea he has all 10 lines lit up..so it's Def $10 bet 5 line hit.

  24. another great win!!

  25. Nice win.
    Thanks for sharing.

  26. Damn! SO CLOSE!!!! And it looks like the 4 columns of wilds payed my then the 6 columns of clubs? I haven't played this game in a long time- great win- thanks for posting!

  27. Even a regular wild on reel 5 would have been a jackpot.  As they say, you shouldn't complain if you winning.  Still a very nice bonus!

  28. Beautiful bonus!!

  29. Congrats Blue! Love when that happens. Like every 20 trillion spins…glad you were there to catch it. Congrats and thanks for sharing 🙂

  30. wow what an awesome win almost all wilds i bet your butt puckered a little on that one lol Congrats!!

  31. Oh so close to all Zeus. Congrats on the great bonus win Blue. Keep trying, it wouldn't surprise me if you eventually get it.

  32. Cockblocker alert! Sigh.. Still a great win. Congrats!

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