Zeus Slot — DOUBLE RETRIGGER — 100x Big Win Bonus!

Zeus Slot — DOUBLE RETRIGGER — 100x Big Win Bonus!

[ad_1] A double-retrigger on the Zeus slot machine by WMS! Although maybe not at the level you would expect relative to all of my other Zeus slot videos! Zeus, of course, is one of my favorite slots after winning $33175 on it, which you can see here:

Back around that time, I was able to play that Zeus machine for $45 a spin, which while admittedly crazy on some levels, I was bale to do as the machine paid off! I had over $100,000 in jackpot winnings that year, but like anything that’s really good in the casino, it does not last, and the machine was adjusted. That’s not to say I still can’t enjoy the game lower-limit, as you will see in this Zeus slot video, I just can’t play it like I used to- unless of course I find a new Zeus machine that pays! For those not familiar, the goal in Zeus is to fill the screen with the top Zeus symbol and of course, to get the bonus which will award you 10, 25, or 100 free spins depending on whether you trigger the bonus with 3, 4, or 5 lightning bolt bonus symbols. During the bonus, additional stacked wilds are added making it easier for that Big Win or Jackpot, Enjoy!

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  1. Sucks that you can rarely find these machines anymore

  2. No desdd

  3. I love this game! I won $540 on a 5 cent machine betting 45 cents. Thats only half the lines.

  4. And here I thought it was nickels, money's tight now ehhhhhh

  5. Nice retriggers I like the one that holds Zeus.

  6. That was nice you called that 2nd retrigger, definitely $1.20 bets you can win big on! Great bonus win there too!

  7. Nice win! I finally uploaded a couple of videos.

  8. 100x with so many spins.. should be better

  9. You know, BP, I would rather see a game where you win on a buck 20 than the game where you bet $45 a spin and won $33,175. I might bet $1.20 spins some day — but never ever would be able to afford $45. So this game is better for me because I can see the possibilities. For you it's another story. I'm happy for you — for both wins. Thanks for including the link to the Mega-win from the good-old-days. LOL

  10. to bad it wasn't another 45,000 dollar win lol

  11. I'll never forget the first time I played this original Zeus when it first came out, I was at the Riviera ( RIP) in 2008 I believe and won close to $200 bucks on a .60 cent bet! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Power of calling for retrigger! ☺️ Zeus likes to tease. But great win

  13. Uncanny how you can call it and it happens. Is this positive thinking or do you know something we all wish we knew? 😉

  14. LOVELY

  15. Nice play Gotta love the Triggers

  16. OMG ZEUS

  17. Mohegan Sun? I'm always out there.. seem like slots hit better

  18. Man I miss those old machines….

  19. love watching your vids everyday when i get off of work.They go good with a cold beer 😉 Thnxs for the entertainment brother.

  20. Wow 4 symbols and definitely over 100x your bet. The last spin I thought with the full reel of Zeus it would retrigger the Zeus round. Congrats to a great bonus round!

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