ZEUS Slot Machine $6 Max Bet Bonuses & BIG WINS | AWESOME SESSION | Max Bet Live Slot Play w/NG Slot

ZEUS Slot Machine $6 Max Bet Bonuses & BIG WINS | AWESOME SESSION | Max Bet Live Slot Play w/NG Slot

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  1. Good win NG.

  2. Hi NG. Im approaching 100 subs, just wanted to say thanks. https://youtu.be/x_Bf1d3O-CM

  3. Enjoy watching you play this game. You seem to always do well

  4. Such a big screen to get everything in! Great bonus at 5:30 ! — James

  5. Great video, thanks for playing Zeus, we enjoyed watching as we play it too,
    Also thanks for posting the upcoming new games from the convention

  6. Very nice run on Zeus! I haven't played him or daddy Kronos in a long while. Hope I have the same luck next time 🙂

  7. Those were good bonuses. Good job!!!

  8. As fun as it is to watch people hit jackpots and handpays, I hope everyone realizes how the slot scam works. Basically, you're never due to hit on a slot machine because your money is taken in a very sneaky mathematical way that you allow.

    You might already know that the casino gets a small advantage on every spin but what you may not realize is that their small advantage adds up very quickly over time. The reason is because you can play hundreds of spins per hour and because you keep playing your winnings over and over. You can change machines but it doesn't matter because you're still giving the casino the advantage on hundreds and hundreds of spins.

    The casinos even have a nice name for the advantage they get on every spin, they call it a hold. Each time you play through your bankroll, a percentage of it is held or lost because of the odds that are in their favor. In Canada, the OLG even tells us on their brochure that their minimum payout is 85%, their average payout is 91.8% and their maximum payout is 99.1%. This means that slots in Canada have a hold that ranges from 0.9% to 15%.

    So when you play $100 on a machine that holds 15%, after the first round you'll have lost roughly $15. After the 2nd round you'll have lost 15% of $85 which is $12.75, leaving you $72.25. This repeats itself until your money is eaten away. Of course, you may win on some rounds but then you'll just lose more on the next rounds until you get closer to the odds ratio set by the casino.

    Now of course, you can hit a miracle jackpot win. You can also hit a hundred jackpots a day. It's just not very likely. Very few people actually ever win more than they've lost, even if they've only played a few times in their life. There are a few people in the world who will be extremely lucky but most of us follow the basic laws of probability. But many players who have lost tons of money on slots will win small jackpots. These wins can make it seem easy to win but please don't let them fool you. It's not the norm no matter how many win's or profits you see on Youtube.

    So I hope you understand why you're never due to win no matter how much you've lost. Well that's not exactly true. You could be due for a small win if you've lost more than the hold percentage. But the point is that you're never due to win a big jackpot because you've lost close to the amount of a big jackpot. IT DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY. You didn't actually lose your money. You gave it away over a long period of time by allowing the casino to have a small advantage on hundreds if not thousands of spins. Make sense?

  9. ❤️

  10. N.G you are so funny!!!!You say all the time (come on baby)hahaha..nice play…

  11. good run NG!

  12. NG I love your Chanel. Who is the Artist of your intro music?

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