Zeus Slot Machine! Bonus BIG WIN!!! Max Bet!

Zeus Slot Machine! Bonus BIG WIN!!! Max Bet!

[ad_1] I decided to randomly try this machine ZEUS, glad I did! Hit a pretty nice bonus, but omg if that 4th stack came in, it would have been a HANDPAY!!! Enjoy!

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  1. It makes me laugh when people who play these think they've had a big win. They always return and pump the money back in.

  2. Hello

  3. Pretty lady

  4. Almost a handpay ? LoL

  5. Nice win, BTW, I went through all of your videos again and added up at the end of each when you say "I will play down to a certain amount". If you would have cashed out instead of playing down you would still have $7,942.56. Suggestion, when you hit your last bonus win, abruptly say "I'm outa here", or for our Spanish speaking friends say, hasta la bye bye! If you need a business mgr, I'm cheap, just ask my wife.

  6. You're so cute!

  7. Excelente vídeo. Me suscribo

  8. Is it allowed to take videos inside the casino?

  9. Lady, how do you obtain permission to make video recordings in the casino? It is prohibited in the casinos I've visited.

  10. Your face is more than big game and more than any jackpot that world could ever gift. I hope you will notice this comment tho ❤

  11. So awesome. I don’t understand slots but this looked fun!

  12. I just love you. Is there any chance I can follow you maybe on Instagram or snapchat

  13. i love you .
    .you are the one!!

  14. Ilove the moment when you apear in video

  15. you are very sweet and lovely voice❤

  16. @Slotlady: I hope we could Meter when I could stay in Las Vegas.

  17. I hung in there with you, 'cause the title said, "Bonus BIG WIN!!!" Congrats to you.

  18. Ciao Bella.e fortunata.continua cosi.

  19. Hi yes I’ll be checking ur vids out. Good luck$$$$

  20. Hi I’m Mark. Funny u randomly shows up on my utube so u look cute so I watched. Than I realized ur like me playing I started laughing. Anyway I live in Vegas 5 yrs in Florida now. Mark

  21. Hihi

  22. so cute with your cursing

  23. It's so unfair, how could she be pretty and luck at the same time?

  24. Why are so many haters disliking the videos? She is doing great…..wtf is wrong with people.

  25. It's good to know i'm not the only young person playing these games. In Belgium most people who play slot machines are old ladies. Best of luck!

  26. Im subcrib u

  27. Hy im from indonesia..i like it game

  28. candy crush

  29. Eres muy hermosa sin duda la mejor parte es cuando apareces en el video

  30. Precious smile!!!

  31. Hey thanks so much for responding to my question. You seem just as nice as you are pretty!

  32. I love your Slot Video's! You are the Slot Lady! You are one of my Favorites!

  33. 24 hr casino….is there ever a " bad" time to go?

  34. Would like to start going to casino 2x a month with $200.00…THATS IT!! whatever happens, happens!

  35. smile a little more when you on camera. constructive criticism.

  36. You beautiful

  37. Way to go Sarah!!

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