ZEUS Unleashed BIG WIN! Incredibly HOT Machine!!!

ZEUS Unleashed BIG WIN! Incredibly HOT Machine!!!

[ad_1] This new version of Zeus is so much fun! The Lightning Respin bonus has a ton of Power-ups that give you the possibility of a HUGE win! Enjoy!!!

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  1. Loved this machine. Me and my woman won big on this machine. My woman was on a roll for an hour racking up $2000 and even got the mega which was $700 something at the time. We were max betting at $6 dollars a spin.

  2. Your face lights right up when you're smiling, you should smile more often.

  3. ill be there next week lets party

  4. She's stunning

  5. Thanks for posting, I'll look for this one at my local casino in Northern California…

  6. Your intro makes me miss the sound of coins dropping into the slot machine till. Especially if they are dollar coins and the till is almost filled up. Those were the good old days.

  7. Where is your favorite casino?

  8. Best Zeus Ever! 🙂

  9. I love zues games. Nice win!!
    One day I'll visit Vegas. Only thing I don't like is smoking that still allowed in the states. Glad they banned cigarettes in Casinos here.

  10. nice win

  11. That was awesome! I want to play this one now!

  12. play some Davinci diamonds cutie

  13. Great win.
    The Michionne attack, "Wild Horde", lots of free Jackpot spins and lots of luck were the keys to me winning $5K on the Walking Dead at NYNY in December.

  14. Slot lady that was amazing! You have the best luck on that machine I swear to Zeus !

  15. Where can I find this machine ? I’ll be in Vegas super bowl Sunday

  16. So fun!!

  17. Great win! I'll be looking for that machine next time i get a chance.

  18. Zuesssss! Nice win made up for TWD

  19. Legit! Congrats. Okay I’m starting my own slot channel.

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